5 Tips To Hire Your Next Real Estate Agent

Here are five tips to help you hire the best real estate agent possible.

Do you need to hire a real estate agent? Even if you don’t right now, you probably will eventually. That’s why I’m sharing five tips to help you find the right agent for you:

1. Hire based on need. Most agents specialize in either buying or selling, so hire someone who’s an expert in what you’re trying to do. For example, if you need to sell, interview listing agents and ask them how many homes they typically sell per year.

2. Hire a full-time agent. Is real estate a side gig or a dedicated profession for your agent? If you want the best results, you should look for someone who can help you around the clock.

"Find someone who fits your communication style."

3. Find someone who is part of a team. Real estate transactions can be complicated, and they’re a lot of work for one person to handle. You can certainly find a talented solo agent, but it’s safer to hire someone who works on a team. That way, even if they run into an issue they don’t know how to handle, someone on their team will be able to help.

4. Transactional experience is worth more than years of experience. I have someone on my team who has only been in the industry for two years, but she’s already selling over 25 houses annually. There are agents who have been in the business for decades without selling that many homes.

5. Find someone who communicates how you want them to. Do you want constant contact, or do you only want your agent to call you with urgent business? Good agents should be flexible with how you want crucial information to be communicated.

If you have questions about today’s topic or anything else, please call or email me. I am always willing to help!

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